CalChip Connect always puts our customers' interests first, and we want you to be aware that UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other major carriers cannot currently guarantee expedited shipments. That being said, we will continue to ship products just as rapidly as we receive orders, as we always do, but we strongly recommend that you do not select or pay for expedited shipping at this time since you cannot be guaranteed this service from the transportation providers.


If you made a purchase and for some reason weren’t given an order number, please call us at 215-297-6800 ext 204 and we will help to get this resolved.

Our Manufacturing Solutions

IoT brings new capabilities to your shop floor

Manufacturers large and small are discovering the benefits of IoT to optimize equipment and enhance worker safety. CalChip Connect can create the solutions you need to keep both running at peak performance.

We connect the IoT dots to provide:

  • Environmental monitoring including temperature, humidity, and water leaks to provide constant feedback in every corner of your facility
  • Access monitoring and people counting to keep you informed of activity from the manufacturing floor to the tool crib
  • Worker monitoring to provide or restrict access, and ensure maximum safety around the facility
  • Noise monitoring to maintain OSHA requirements
  • Worker safety solutions to protect everyone on the manufacturing line
  • Asset tracking to help prevent theft while monitoring valuables such as tools and supplies
  • Predictive maintenance monitoring that assures all service intervals are met from HVAC to manufacturing equipment
  • Help buttons to provide a fast, immediate, and reliable way workers to contact your facility in the event of an emergency or for plant floor communications
  • Pest control with smart monitoring traps that stop rodents before they do damage to expensive equipment
  • Peace-of-mind with real-time status and alerts through mobile and desktop applications

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