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Our Medical Cold Chain Solutions

IoT solutions to ensure the cold chain is never broken

CalChip Connect’s IoT solutions for cold chain management provide complete monitoring of vaccines and other temperature-depended pharmaceuticals to ensure supplies are kept within specified temperature parameters throughout the entire cold chain.

We connect the IoT dots to provide:

  • Extreme low temperature monitoring to protect patients, safeguard vaccine supply, and avoid the costs of revaccinating patients and replacing expensive vaccines
  • Refrigeration monitoring to ensure the potency of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals
  • Food temperature monitoring to safeguard hot and cold food chains in hospitals, nursing homes, and other critical-care facilities
  • Asset tracking to monitor the whereabouts of crucial pharmaceutical supplies
  • Blanket warmer monitoring to help improve patient comfort and outcomes
  • Peace-of-mind with real-time status and alerts through mobile and desktop applications

Medical Cold Chain Solutions Available For Purchase

Pilot Things Vaccine Guardian

In this age of epidemics, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive medicines are critical.

To ensure that they’re kept at the right temperature, you need to receive real-time alerts if any link in the cold chain is compromised.

The Pilot Things solution allows you to track conditions across the entire cold chain using wireless temperature sensors. ‍Whether you’re a pharmacy, manufacturer, or storage center, you’ll be notified in real time on your smart device in case of abnormal temperatures.

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