CalChip Connect always puts our customers' interests first, and we want you to be aware that UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other major carriers cannot currently guarantee expedited shipments. That being said, we will continue to ship products just as rapidly as we receive orders, as we always do, but we strongly recommend that you do not select or pay for expedited shipping at this time since you cannot be guaranteed this service from the transportation providers.


If you made a purchase and for some reason weren’t given an order number, please call us at 215-297-6800 ext 204 and we will help to get this resolved.

Our Smart Homes Solutions

Turn any house into a smart home with the power of IoT and LoRa®

CalChip Connect’s smart home solutions proactively monitor critical data every second of every day to keep you informed with powerful, battery-operated sensors and robust software.

We connect the IoT dots to provide:

  • Mailbox Monitoring
  • Package Drop Box Monitoring
  • Detached Garage Monitoring
  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
  • Door & Window Open/Close Monitoring
  • Water Leak Monitoring
  • Second/Investment Home Monitoring
  • Fridge/Freezer Temperature Monitoring
  • Family Monitoring
  • View alerts, reports, and analytics on your computer or smart device for smart peace of mind 24-7.

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